Wrapover Tartan Skirt – Burda Young 8175


This Burda wrapover skirt pattern (version C) and Blackwatch Tartan go so well together.

Version C is a mini skirt pattern so I lengthened it (as shown in the photo). However, since this photo, I shortened the skirt by a couple of inches so it sits just above the knee which I prefer. The waistband sits on the hip.

I matched the plaid for the three skirt panels. However, I didn’t quite match up the plaid in the waistband when I cut out the fabric. There are three waistband facings with ironed-on interfacing. There is a strip of fabric attached to the side edge of the front skirt panel, I frayed the ends so the front skirt panel looks like a kilt and I added a decorative kilt pin. However, there are no pleats in the back of the skirt.

I like this pattern as it is a wrapover skirt and its very easy to adjust the size. I used 2 large snaps on the waistband to fasten the skirt. And I like tartan for the winter/Christmas season. I envisage making more garments in tartan but will take more care in matching up the plaid before I cut the fabric.


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