The Abigail Dress – The Magic Pattern Book


I had been looking for a Pinafore/Jumper dress sewing pattern for a very long time as I had the desire to make this style of dress. I came across a few vintage patterns on Ebay but I wanted a style that did not look dated i.e. the big flared skirt of the 1970s.  This was proving a ‘mission impossible’ until I came across The Abigail dress from The Magic Pattern Book by Amy Barickman and my mission was accomplished! The Abigail is a more modern and flattering style.

I chose a green corduroy fabric which was recommended in the book as one of the fabric choices for this pattern as it is warm and appropriate for the winter months.  I will wear it with a long sleeved top/blouse underneath and also with tights. I really like the velvety texture of the corduroy. It was my first time sewing with corduroy and as its a thick fabric, I used a lighter weight cotton fabric for the neck and arm facings. I hand stitched the bottom edges of the facings in place.

IMG-20150203-01405The thickness of the corduroy made the skirt’s A-line shape exaggerated which did not suit me therefore the solution for me was to narrow the skirt to make it a straighter shape which was an improvement. I think the A-line shape would look much better with a lighter weight fabric although some women may prefer an exaggerated A-line shape but its just not for me.

There are bust darts, pocket flaps, a 9″ invisible zip and a hook/eye. To add some interest, I made 2 big wool fabric covered buttons and attached to the front of the dress. I did the invisible hem stitch by hand.


The Abigail pattern can also be transformed into a sleeveless Mod style with a lighter weight fabric so its most versatile. The other suggested fabrics in the book are rayon, gingham, denim and wool.

I have finally achieved my goal (after searching high and low for a suitable sewing pattern) of making a Pinafore/Jumper dress and am very pleased with the result.

Do you pine for a Pinafore?


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