Sew Little Time!

There are so many things that I would like to sew but I have realised the above is so true! It is a case of there is Much to Sew but Sew Little Time! Because of this reason, I sew a lot more cake than frosting.

As I am a health worker and have to wear really practical and boring clothes (tunic top and trousers) in my job, I cannot wear any of the garments that I have sewn to work which is a pity. If I had an office job, I would sew more tailored garments in woven fabrics.

As I am busy with work and family commitments, I have to be selective in what I sew (I have to sew a couple of hours here and there when I have some free time) and the fact that I am not a speedy sewer doesn’t help either.

I hardly watch any TV so that I have the time to sew and read sewing/dressmaking blogs (much more interesting and useful). I know that I would have much more time to sew if I stopped cleaning the house, but unfortunately that is not possible as my hubby would file for divorce!

What do you do to have more time to sew?



About Caroline

I am a sewing/dressmaking/travel enthusiast and blogger who loves modern Japanese style and vintage inspired style. I also like to travel/visit places of interest, countryside walks and photography.
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4 Responses to Sew Little Time!

  1. Beth says:

    I am so with you on this. There’s never enough time. I do try to rush the housework and put the kids to bed earlier haha!! I think the key is to just do a bit here and a bit there. But the to-sew list is always growing!


    • Caroline says:

      Yes, the key is to do a bit here and there. I have to REALLY like a sewing pattern and be selective to put it on my ‘to do’ list because it is impossible to do it all. I think it is important to sew the styles that suit you (and you will wear). Sewing what is trendy and leaving that garment at the back of the wardrobe is a complete waste of valuable sewing time.

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  2. Sewingsu says:

    Your picture sum’s it up perfectly!! I constantly have thoughts and ideas about all the wonderful things I could sew but realistically I will only manage to sew a tiny proportion of them as work and family take up most of my time! In order to sew I give up TV, constantly forget things like birthdays, and I’m sorry to say that my house is not always terribly clean or tidy!!!!


    • Caroline says:

      Before I started sewing, my house was cleaner and tidier, now it is presentable. If I sewed all the things I wanted, then I would be a prime candidate for ‘How Clean is Your House’ on TV!


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