Multi-Panel and Pocket Dress – Vogue 9022


I first saw this dress made in a black knit fabric by Liza Jane and this is her version. I really liked the design of the dolman sleeves, multi-panels and bag pockets and knew that I had to make it myself.


I could not resist this wool jersey/viscose blend knit fabric which drapes beautifully. This was more than I usually pay for a knit fabric but the quality is super and I love the multi-colour print (there is some purple but you can barely see it in the photo). It is lightweight and quite a fine knit but it was a dream to sew (that’s right, a knit that sews like a dream)! I took care in matching up the print of the two front side panels and the back panels especially as I wanted the pockets to match.


There are 7 panels to this dress and the side panels are long and folded to create the pockets. The side panels could also be made in a contrasting colour – black would create a slimming effect. The beauty of this dress is that it can be made in either a knit or woven fabric. As I am a knit lover, it was an easy decision to make!

This dress was a joy to make although I did have to take care in aligning the pockets. The back has a keyhole opening and hook/eye at the top. I cut a medium size and had to take it in especially at the back. I omitted the hem split, understitched the front and back neck facings to keep them in place and did a blind hem stitch by hand as the fabric is rather fine for a knit.

The shape of this dress is quite fitted and looks smart and that makes this sewing pattern special as it is designed for knit fabrics. This is my favourite dress sewing pattern so far and I am sure that I will make another one or two!

Do you prefer to sew with knit or woven fabrics?


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I am a sewing/dressmaking/travel enthusiast and blogger who loves modern Japanese style and vintage inspired style. I also like to travel/visit places of interest, countryside walks and photography.
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6 Responses to Multi-Panel and Pocket Dress – Vogue 9022

  1. Liza Jane says:

    Oh, I love how you placed the colors in the print. It looks fabulous! That knit you used does look like really nice stuff. It’s such an easy dress to wear, isn’t it? You are making me want to revisit this pattern.


    • Caroline says:

      Thanks. It did take me some time to think about the colour placement, but it was worth it. This wool jersey was the best knit that I have ever sewn and it feels the best. I hope that you do revisit the pattern as it is so good and yes, it is easy to wear.


  2. Melissa says:

    Wow, a knit that sews like a dream, I need some of that! I have only made one thing out of knit and it was a cheap fabric and well, you get the picture. I need to try again but using better quality knits I think!

    Your dress – so lovely! It’s great when you’ve found a pattern that works so well for you!


    • Caroline says:

      Thanks. Don’t let one bad ‘knit’ experience put you off from trying again. A Ponte Roma (double knit jersey) is a good place to start with knits as its less stretchy and easier to sew. The Coco (Tilly and the Buttons) is an easy top/dress to make in this fabric for a beginner. Try it and see!


  3. sSu says:

    This is gorgeous! It looks really smart but also looks like it would be really comfortable too (a must in my book). I don’t mind sewing with either knits or woven’s but I prefer the comfort of knits!


    • Caroline says:

      Thanks a lot. This dress sewing pattern proves that you do not have to sacrifice comfort to look smart. I have seen it made in woven fabrics on other blogs and it looks even smarter. Also, it is a more fitted shape than a lot of dress sewing patterns for knits.


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