Cool Culottes – Burda Style 6980


I have seen quite a few bloggers make some lovely Culottes lately and it has given me the urge to revisit my Burda Style pattern. I made my first pair of Culottes from a wool suit fabric in February 2015.

For these Culottes, I used a viscose/rayon fabric which is so cool and floaty for the summer. To make them more swishy,  I lengthened version A to a midi-length.


I like the fact that the invisible zip is at the back, so the front lies flat – as this makes me look slimmer, it is a winner! I really like this sewing pattern as it is such a flattering A-line shape and fits me well.

I made French seams for a neater finish. There are waist darts at the back and I shortened their length for a more comfortable fit. I hand stitched the hem


There are some great Culottes sewing patterns out there – Emily Culottes, Girl Friday Culottes, Nina Culottes and Shamrock Culottes.

It was Maria Schiaparelli (see below) who designed Culottes in 1931. At the time they were considered a ‘shocking’ garment for a woman and caused controversy. Schiaparelli was the rival of Coco Chanel.

I am so relieved that Culottes are no longer shocking otherwise I would be in trouble! Culottes give me freedom of movement with the airiness of a skirt.

I am crazy for Culottes! Have you made any or do you plan to?

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