Kimono Dress to Kimono Top – New Look Workroom 6120


This is a Newlook Workroom (Project Runway) sewing pattern and it began as a Kimono Dress with an Obi belt which I made from a lovely silk crepe fabric. Although there was nothing wrong with the dress, I only wore it once.


As a dress, it did not feel right on me, probably because the skirt is straight (I prefer an A-line skirt), but as I really like the fabric and did not want to give it away or bin it, I altered it to become a top. As a top, it feels right and suits me. I also reduced the width of the sleeves.

It goes to show that a garment which does not work for you can be altered so it does.

Have you altered a garment to suit you?


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I am a sewing/dressmaking/travel enthusiast and blogger who loves modern Japanese style and vintage inspired style. I also like to travel/visit places of interest, countryside walks and photography.
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2 Responses to Kimono Dress to Kimono Top – New Look Workroom 6120

  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks Melissa. Have a lovely weekend yourself.


  2. Melissa says:

    Caroline, I have done this many times with my me-mades. Sometimes you never know how you feel in a garment until you wear it. While the dress looks nice but not worn much, I am glad you got to save it from the bin by refashioning it to a top. Love that blue! Have a lovely weekend!


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