Meet Carla the Tuxedo Cat!


I would like to introduce you to Carla, the tuxedo cat, that I adopted recently from The Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT).

CHAT’s founder, Celia Hammond, was a top model in the 1960s, appearing on countless Vogue magazine covers and she  gave up her career in the early 1970s to devote her life to animals. In 2006 Celia was awarded the Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare at the Pride of Britain Awards, hosted by the Daily Mirror, for her forty years devoted to the care of animals.


I love cats and I had been thinking about adopting one for some time but because of my health work commitments, I did not have the time to devote to a pet. However, as I have decided to take a break from work, I enquired about adopting a cat from CHAT. After a successful home visit by one of their team, I adopted a sweet cat, Carla, and here she is at home, sitting on my kitchen window sill, with a garden view, and relaxing in front of the fire.


I had in mind to adopt a tabby cat on my list but it just did not work out as two tabby cats were unavailable on the day for me to see, and the other tabby, though gorgeous, was rather too small and young for me to let out into my mature garden and coming into contact with neighbouring adult cats.


I did not expect to adopt a black/white cat but I saw that Carla was stressed by the other cats in neighbouring pens, even though she was segregated to try and calm her. As Carla appeared friendly by rubbing her body against my legs and craving some attention from me, I felt such pity for her that I knew she was the cat for me to take home!

I would like to thank Celia Hammond and The CHAT team for all their hard work and dedication in looking after the welfare of animals and for making it possible for me to adopt Carla.

I would highly recommend adopting a cat or dog from an animal shelter and giving them a good home. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

I must make Carla a little bow tie to finish off her tuxedo coat!


About Caroline

I am a sewing/dressmaking/travel enthusiast and blogger who loves modern Japanese style and vintage inspired style. I also like to travel/visit places of interest, countryside walks and photography.
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4 Responses to Meet Carla the Tuxedo Cat!

  1. Susan P says:

    What a lovely cat. She looks like Audrey Hepburn. So good you have an actual fire place. Cats so love the heat! We also got a rescue cat – 8 years ago now. There were lots of cute kittens to be re-homed but the adult cat was less likely to be chosen by other people so we thought we’d give her a break. I cannot imagine life without The Mogster now. Carla – no getting all playful with the sewing threads ok? Happy Bonding you guys!


    • Caroline says:

      As you can see, Carla can pose like a film star! So glad that it has worked out with you and your rescue cat – she is fortunate that she has a good home with you. It does make you feel good to adopt an animal and see them transforming into a pet.


  2. Melissa says:

    Carla looks like such a sweetie. I’m glad you can give her a good home. We have two kitties ourselves and they are such nice company.

    I’ve been offline for awhile and just saw your last post. Nice that you got to make another one for fall!


    • Caroline says:

      Carla has a sweet and lovely character although she can be a little bit naughty and loves to jump on all the furniture! Its nice to know that you are a cat lover too. I have noticed that there are many dressmaking bloggers with cute cats and its nice to join the club!


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