Sewing Room


This is my new sewing room! I had to remove the single (spare) bed by the window in order to accommodate my sewing tables, equipment, dress form etc. The whole room has been transformed. I will now take you on a tour!


Here are my ornaments of a cute angel, a vintage style decorative mannequin from a charity shop and a ‘Singer’ style sewing machine from Homebase.


The great thing about sewing by the window is the light! Prior to the makeover, my table had been in a dark corner at the other end of the room and I had to rely on a lamp.


A Shabby Chic display stand from Amazon with crafted hearts. See my Lavender Heart post.

IMG-20160116-00383Laura Ashley boxes containing trims and ribbons. The boxes have sewing images on them i.e. sewing machine, needle, thread, scissors, tape measure and buttons.  There is also a fabric storage bin from TK Maxx which contains fabric scraps.


I have an Arrow 601 sewing table with an inbuilt platform (to adjust to a flatbed position) and a small Shabby Chic painted table for my overlocker.


This chalk board from a pine furniture store has a sewing theme. On the table is my sewing tin (a biscuit tin) containing bits and bobs and a Cath Kidston pencil sharpener.


A vintage style ‘Sew it Yourself’ metal sign from Amazon.


Here is the corner in which I used to have my sewing table. It is now my ‘calm and pray’ corner. Instead of Julia Robert’s ‘Eat, Pray and Love’, it is ‘Sew, Calm and Pray’.


This is a fabric memo board which I made using an artist’s canvas, oilcloth, wadding/batting, ribbon and buttons. I had to sew the buttons onto the fabric/ribbon. There are tutorials on Youtube.


A bookcase from IKEA for displaying some ornaments which I had received as gifts. Also on display are tins of buttons/beads and a box containing binding tape.


A Cath Kidston sewing box and a storage trunk for fabric from TK Maxx.

I love to see other women’s sewing rooms. I hope you enjoyed the tour and that you may have been inspired.

Happy Sewing!


About Caroline

I am a sewing/dressmaking/travel enthusiast and blogger who loves modern Japanese style and vintage inspired style. I also like to travel/visit places of interest, countryside walks and photography.
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10 Responses to Sewing Room

  1. What a pretty room! Happy sewing!!


  2. daisy jones says:

    How wonderful and it all looks so very cosy…I am sure it will be a superb place to sit and sew and dream?
    thanks for showing us all
    bestest daisy j x


  3. Good for you. It’s a lovely and calm creative space. Enjoy it. I love my space, its not fully formed yet but its my favourite room in the house!


  4. Melissa says:

    What a lovely and cozy new space! I can imagine as a wonderful hideaway to sew to your heart’s content.

    Where did you get your dress form? I am thinking I should get one this year but not sure what’s good.


    • Caroline says:

      Thanks Melissa. Sewing is much more enjoyable now! I bought my dress form from Amazon, it is an ‘Antique style’ one for £50. Get one with similar measurements to yourself. My one’s measurements is about a size 12 (UK size).


  5. Amazing transformation Caroline. So much better use of the space


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