French/Fabric Memo Board

IMG-20160116-00390This French/Fabric Memo Board makes a pretty addition to any room and it displays photos, cards and papers. I made mine using an artist’s canvas, oilcloth, wadding/batting, ribbon, buttons and a staple gun. It hangs in my sewing room. This is the tutorial.

My canvas measures 18″ wide x 25″ long although you could choose any size you like. You could also choose a different fabric to oilcloth. I stapled a ribbon loop to the back of the board to hang it.

It is simple to make although it was quite time consuming to sew the buttons through the canvas. A quicker, easier and cheaper option would be to use a cork board and substitute the buttons for drawing pins.

These boards make great gifts and I have made a few for my family and friends.

Do you like making craft projects?


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  1. Maria says:

    A friend made one very similar for me. But it is such a pretty item I keep resisting using it as a notice board! It has a window like effect on the room. : )


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