Dungaree Dress (Roberts Collection) – Marilla Walker


I have made the Dungaree Dress (View C) from Marilla Walker’s Roberts Collection at last. This pattern has made me feel so excited as it is right up my street! There are four sewing patterns in the collection and it is a bargain, thanks Marilla. I was delighted when I discovered that Marilla had paper copies of this pattern available and I ordered one pronto!


I chose a lovely printed fabric of a medium weight blue denim with little white birds. It was the end of the roll, only 1.35 metres of fabric remaining, but as the fabric was a generous 60″ wide, it was just enough! Although I had to use a different fabric for the front bib facing and for the pocket lining.


This is a dress with a dungaree style bib and straps, and I made version C2, the midi length. I cut a size 3 but it was too big for me so I had to take in the seams by 3cm – next time I will cut a size 2! I shortened the hem by 2″ as I thought it looked too long on me (I am 5″5). This is just my preference.


As there is quite a bit of ease in this pattern and there is a little stretch in the denim, I was able to remove all fastenings and this was a real time saver.

This dress is similar to my Apron Dress  (pattern G) from Stylish Dress Book 2. I love these functional pockets.

This is one of my favourite sewing patterns! My next garment will be the Dungarees (View B).

Have you made anything from the Roberts Collection or do you plan to?


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11 Responses to Dungaree Dress (Roberts Collection) – Marilla Walker

  1. Meg says:

    Lovely- great fabric choice!! I’ve made 2 versions of the Roberts- the jumpsuit and overalls- and I love both!!


  2. rillafree says:

    This looks fantastic and I’m so glad you like the pattern! I love seeing all these wonderful creations xxx


    • Caroline says:

      Thanks Marilla. This is a fabulous pattern and the collection is a brilliant idea. Looking forward to seeing your new pattern, I can’t wait!


  3. Charlotte says:

    Lovely – the fabric looks like a perfect match, & can’t wait to see the dungarees version


  4. Caroline says:

    Thanks Melissa. It would be super if you could make another dress as it is a great pattern.


  5. Love this, fantastic pattern and you’ve matched it with a great print. Perfect


  6. Melissa says:

    Very nice! I like that fabric you chose for it. I have made the dress in a linen/cotton mix. I did some gathers up front as I wanted a fuller skirt but it’s not working out as I had envisioned because of the heavier fabric. I may make a second attempt if I find the right linen. Looking forward to your next dungarees!


    • rillafree says:

      I have tried front gathers in the development of the pattern and I couldn’t get it to look how I imagined either! What does look nice is adding in the little pleats that are present on the trouser part of the pattern (just slash and spread where you want the pleat). It’s not as full as what you’re describing, but it looks sweet. I think the gathers would have to go all around the skirt to work maybe, otherwise the weight of skirt on the front tips the scales too much.


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