Norway Postcard

Greetings from Norway, land of the fjords!


Our holiday started in the city of Bergen which is the gateway to the fjords of Norway. Bryggen aka the Wharf (above) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bergen was designated European City of Culture in 2000.


To stroll through Bryggen’s narrow alleyways and overhanging galleries is to step back into time. It is also home to speciality craft shops.


I am wearing my denim Owyn Pants which I made for this holiday – they are comfortable and ideal for travelling. I wore these pants a lot in Bergen as it rained every day!P1000034

The house of the world famous Norweigan classical composer, Edvard Grieg. Visitors of the nearby museum can also enter the house. In the museum there is an exhibition and a film showing the stunning scenery of Norway accompanied by Grieg’s beautiful classical music. The house is on a hill with lovely views and is worth a visit.


The elaborate christening gown of Edvard Grieg – beautiful embroidery!


The hubby and I took a 4-hour boat cruise in the fjord – a highlight of our holiday.


Please excuse the fleece hoodie but it was chilly and extremely windy up on deck!



Boat views of the fabulous fjord.


A market stall of beautiful knitwear by the Norweigan knitwear designer, Susan Fosse, on the famous Fishmarket in Bergen. Susan completed her BA (Hons) Degree in Knitwear Design in London but she returned to her roots in Norway in 1992 to launch her own design label, Susan Fosse Knitwear.  I bought a lovely knitted hat.


The view from our hotel balcony in the charming village of Balestrand in Sognefjord (the longest and deepest fjord in Norway).



The famous Flam Railway. This train journey was a highlight of our holiday – the views are breathtaking!

A stunning mountain view of a waterfall from the train.


The magnificent Kjosfossen waterfall on the Flam Railway route. The train stopped at this point for passengers to disembark and take photos. A dancer (not shown) appeared briefly to the side of the waterfall, accompanied by enchanting Norweigan music.


I have discovered a lovely little sewing/craft shop, Spindelvev in Balestrand. The front of the shop sells goods which have been sewn and knitted by ladies with ‘special needs’ in the back of the shop which is used for crafting. I bought a pretty pincushion/thread catcher to support the shop and their wonderful work. The goods are gorgeous and made to a high quality.


A colourful Norweigan tapestry hanging on a wall in our Balestrand hotel.

As well as the above, we took a tram up to the top of Mount Floyen which overlooks Bergen and visited museums, hiked a 5km nature trail in Balestrand and watched several porpoise swimming in the sea outside our hotel window.

Visiting Norway was a dream come true for us and we will cherish the wonderful memories.


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  1. Susan says:

    Loving little Edvard’s Christening gown. Interesting it’s not white. I wonder is white a relatively new tradition that we tend to think of as old like wedding dresses.

    I can imagine ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ being inspired by such amazing scenery.

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  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for sharing ;your photos of your wonderful trip. I’ve never been to Norway but hope to one day.


  3. Lovely to see Bergen again. Always a favourite. Lovely pictures


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