Infinity Scarf – Sewing Happiness


I had to make another project from the delightful book, Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida and chose the Infinity Scarf. I love a good scarf and I am known as the ‘Scarf Lady’ rather than the ‘Bag Lady’! A statement scarf can really change an outfit and add some style.

I have used the measurements recommended in the book of 60″ x 25″ so the scarf can be wrapped twice around the neck.


I bought this red polka dot cotton fabric during a holiday on the beautiful island of Madeira. I had found an enormous fabric store in the town of Funchal and I did not want to leave – the hubby had to grab my arm and drag me out (after I had paid, of course)! This was the one holiday that I wish that I was on my own so I could spend the whole day browsing in the store and buying a lot more fabric, although I did buy some jersey. The hubby saved me from going on a crazy shopping spree and buying another suitcase to fill it with fabric!

A scarf is my favourite accessory. What is your favourite accessory?


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