Cutie Cats


Have you ever wandered in a street market and found something lovely? It happened to me recently. I had found a couple of little trinket boxes of cats sitting on a ball of wool, they were so cute that I could not resist them!

The first one reminded me of my tuxedo cat, Carla, who has featured on my blog a couple of times before. Carla is small, sassy and has the run of the house (as do all cats).


The second one reminded me of my mum’s cat, Fluff – a beautiful Burmese who loves human company and a lot of attention. She is extremely vocal until she gets what she wants (food and lots of cuddles).


These are the two lady cats in my life. Yes, I am a cat lover and proud of it!


I have given my cats strips of fabric to play with rather than balls of wool. Are you a fellow cat lover?


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I am a sewing/dressmaking/travel enthusiast and blogger who loves modern Japanese style and vintage inspired style. I also like to travel/visit places of interest, countryside walks and photography.
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3 Responses to Cutie Cats

  1. Melissa says:

    Your cats are sweet and I love those two tricket boxes! They are easy to collect, aren’t they? We have two cats as well, both tabbies, one orange the other grey and white. Yes, I am a cat lover too!


  2. Ibble says:

    Who was it said that perhaps God made cats so we could all have the pleasure of cuddling a tiger? Yes I am definitely a fellow feline fan. These two are gorgeous!

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