Dreamy Denim Cleo – Tilly and the Buttons

I have been dreaming about making a denim Cleo. Though this is no ordinary denim – its a striking black/grey tie-dye print denim! I bought this fabulous fabric in M Rosenberg & Son which is a family-run business and my favourite fabric store. They have a wonderful range of fabrics and I have made 2 pairs of Owyn Pants and a Dungaree Dress with their denim.

This denim Cleo is in the same style (front pocket, knee length and front split) as my corduroy Cleo but I added two front patch pockets which are larger than the hip pocket included in the pattern. For the top stitching, I have used a matching grey thread and opted for large buttons instead of buckles as I prefer the pinafore-style rather than dungaree-style.











In 1969 a writer for American Fabrics magazine declared “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young”. This is so true.

Denim is an amazing fabric, so practical, versatile and durable. I have bought another dreamy denim so watch this space. Denim has come a long way since it was invented. Today, with many different colours and prints to choose from, denim has never looked so good!


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  1. Looks like another triumph Caroline

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  2. Ibble says:

    This is very on trend. Must get one made up fast. Bananarama back on tour and I want to enjoy dungarees again.


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