Reversible Tabard Apron – Dottie Angel


I am dotty about Dottie Angel’s apron dress/reversible tabard sewing pattern, Simplicity 8230. I have a pinafore/apron habit and this pattern is my latest fix! The Dottie Angel apron dress (view A) is on my list too.

I love Dottie Angel’s vintage style of lovely floral prints, pretty aprons, cute cardigans, shawls and crochet.

My tabard (View B) consists of floral and polka dot fabrics which are vintage style prints, appropriate for a Dotty Angel apron. Dots and an angel (by my feet) = Dottie Angel!

This tabard is perfect to wear while crafting, cooking, baking or gardening. There is a kangaroo pocket on the front.

The old Granny look meant wearing rollers in your hair, headscarf, pinny, wrinkly tan tights and orthopaedic shoes. Hilda Ogden and Nora Batty spring to mind!

Image result for nora batty photo

Granny Chic is a big fashion trend. Some young women have fully embraced Granny Chic and have dyed their hair grey.

Only last week, the pinny, headscarf and curlers of the Coronation Street character, Hilda Ogden, sold at auction for £4,200 to a film producer. The auctioneer said “the iconic outfit was part of media history”.

Image result for grey hair young woman

Image result for hilda ogden

A daring shade of grey

 My blog posts include utility chic, nun chic and now Granny chic. What will be next?


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