Kimono Robe/Jacket – New Look Workroom 6072

Kimono Robe

Its another Japanese style project with this Kimono Robe/Jacket (version A) from Project Runway. You could make this a jacket or a robe depending on the fabric choice.

I like the simplicity of Japanese style and the more relaxed fit. I have several modern Japanese sewing books which I love to browse through for inspiration.

I made this robe in a silver print satin with contrasting purple satin band, cuffs and tie. The tie is inserted through two small slits at the front of the robe. The robe reaches down to the mid-thigh.  Version B has a long draping shawl collar instead of the band and tie.

I wore this robe during a 5-day stay in hospital, after undergoing major surgery last summer. Though I felt awful inside, at least I looked better wearing this robe. I received some lovely compliments from the nurses and physiotherapist which made me feel a bit better. And when I replied to the staff “Thank you. I made it myself”, they exclaimed “Really”! The physiotherapist who assisted me said that she used to sew her own clothes many years ago and she asked me for the details of my fabric supplier as she wanted to revive her dressmaking skills – my stay in hospital had served a good purpose!

After I had returned home for convalescing, I wore this robe during the first couple of weeks when I had family and friends visiting to wish me well. There is nothing quite like wearing something special that you have made to lift your mood during a period of convalescence. I recommend it.

Have you ever made something special to lift your mood for a difficult/stressful time in your life? Do you find sewing therapeutic?

About Caroline

I am a sewing/dressmaking/travel enthusiast and blogger who loves modern Japanese style and vintage inspired style. I also like to travel/visit places of interest, countryside walks and musicals.
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2 Responses to Kimono Robe/Jacket – New Look Workroom 6072

  1. Melissa says:

    Isn’t that a wonderful idea! The robe is very pretty and I’m glad it helped you navigate through those stressful times. I haven’t been sewing long enough to say I have made something for difficult times, but I can say that I now make things that make me feel happy!

    Thanks for your comment on my latest blog post. It’s much appreciated! Have a great week!


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